Video Doorbell for Apartment

Video Doorbell for Apartment

If people have enough security, they will be satisfied with their lives. But when living in an apartment, the security is poor and it is easy to make people feel anxious. In this case, a video doorbell will solve the problem well. However, there are many things to pay attention to when installing a video doorbell in an apartment.

Can I install a doorbell in the apartment?

In fact, the answer to this question is not fixed. It depends on the property of your apartment and your landlord, sometimes involving your neighbors.

  • Property: Some properties prohibit the installation of video doorbells because they think it will infringe the privacy of their neighbors. Therefore, it is best to communicate with the property before buying a video doorbell.
  • Landlord: Since the installation of a video doorbell can cause damage to the wall (although the damage is really small), it is best to ask the landlord for their opinion before installing whether they agree to drill holes in the wall.
  • Neighbors: Since the video doorbell has a PIR function, it will start recording when a moving object is detected. When the neighbor opens the door, it is possible to record the scene in the house, which may cause privacy violation. In this case, you can adjust the sensitivity of the PIR and adjust the angle of the video doorbell so that it does not point directly at the front door of the neighbor. You can also convince your neighbors that they can get video surveillance of their houses for free.

What type of doorbell is more suitable for apartments?

For apartments, the best option is a wireless video doorbell, like Vanma Video Doorbell. Because the wireless doorbell is very easy to install, the damage to the wall is minimal. This minimal damage is often easily reversed or replaced by the landlords when you move out as well.
Once the batteries die in your video doorbell, you can simply replace the old ones with new ones like you would with a TV remote.

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