Where Should the Video doorbell Be Installed?

The video doorbell is a handy smart home device. When someone visits, you can talk to the visitor through your phone or tablet. If you want to make the video doorbell work properly, it must be placed in a correct position. When installing a video doorbell, please consider the following factors:

1. Power source

Is your video doorbell wired or wireless?
If your video doorbell is wired, the position you can choose to install is more limited. Because you need to consider the length of the wire.
If your video doorbell is wireless, which supply by batters, the position you choose is more flexible. You can install it on the wall, door, or door frame.

2. Hight

Hight is one of the most important factors. The ideal height for installing a video doorbell is 48 inches or 4 feet (about 120 cm). This height prevents the PIR function from detecting movement too far from the door. Because 48 inches is below eye-level height, it can prevent passing cars or pedestrians from triggering the video recording function. Generally, the range that a motion sensor can detect is 5 to 30 feet.

3. Angle

The angle of the video doorbell represents the field of view. Since most doorbells are installed at a height of 48 inches, only the video doorbell with a larger angle can see the appearance of visitors when the camera is under the eyes. The 166° video doorbell is a good choice.If you have special needs, you can also choose wedge kit or corner kit. Wedge kit can adjust the vertical angle of the doorbell from 5° to 15°. The downwardly inclined video doorbell can better avoid unnecessary motion alarms.
Corner kit can adjust the horizontal angle of the doorbell from 15° to 55°. Adjust the angle horizontally to better monitor the corners.

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