Liaohe Oilfield of CNPC

Ways to Prevent Employees from Missing Patrols

Project Necessity:

Patrol employees cannot describe the location where hidden danger is. And they cannot describe the situation clearly.
Many pipelines are buried deep underground and their locations are not clear, which leads to complex and changeable patrol routes and prone to missed patrols.
The traditional patrol method is easier to fake. There has been a case that patrol employees falsified records, which eventually led to safety accidents.


Liaohe Oilfield of CNPC is one of the subsidiaries of CNPC. Once a safety incident occurs, it will not only affect the reputation of its own company, but also the reputation of CNPC. In order to prevent this from happening, the company decided to adopt the JWM security guard patrol system to strengthen security and avoid accidents.
After careful consideration, they decided to use the Wepatrol APP. It can be installed on any smartphone. And it also can transmit data in real-time. Patrol employees can use the APP to transfer photos and videos of the scene so that managers can take corresponding countermeasures.
Nowadays mobile phones have a GPS function, so GPS checkpoint tags can be set in the Wepatrol. This will not only not damage the pipeline, but also reduce costs. And after setting the checkpoint tags, patrol employees can check the location on their mobile phones to prevent missed patrols.
Wepatrol APP has the function of automatically recording the patrol time, and the system will automatically organize it into a report. Patrol employees have no right to view or change. Even during the patrol process, the manager can view the patrol track of employees to prevent employees from working fraud.

Project Introduction:

First of all, the manager installs checkpoint tags or set GPS checkpoint tags, then sets the name of tags through the system. According to the real requirement of patrol, the manager set patrol plans.
After that, patrol employees can patrol with their phones. When they arrive at the places where GPS tags are, Wepatrol will record the time and tags’ names automatically. If there is something wrong, they can send the photo or video to the management center. After the patrol, the patrol report will be counted by day, month, and year, which provides managers with a scientific and effective evaluation basis.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the problem that patrol employees could not clearly describe the problem they encounter.
2. Solved the problem that patrol employees missed patrols due to complex lines.
3. Solved the problem that patrol employees forged patrol reports.

Product Introduction:

Model: Wepatrol

  • Task prompt
  • Equipment replacement
  • NFC, QR-Code, Bluetooth, and GPS reading mode
  • Media patrol data
  • Both for IOS and Android

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