Guide to buy a video doorbell

Guide to Buy a Video Doorbell

Whether you are worried about package thieves or do not want to open the door to strangers, video doorbells are a very good choice. You can also use the video doorbell to leave a message to your family, or even talk to them. In addition, it has a very useful function: check whether you have locked the front door through history.

The function of the video doorbell is similar. No matter where you are, you can see the people outside the door and talk to them. So, what should we pay attention to, when we buy a video doorbell?

1. Motion detection

When the package thief was stealing your packages, you could tell them through the doorbell: Put down my package. The thief will be scared away. Some video doorbells can also set the sensitivity through APP. This can increase battery usage time and reduce incorrect judgments.

2. Resolution and viewing angle

Most video doorbells will provide you with HD video. If you need details, the 1080P video doorbell is a good choice.
The viewing angle determines the visual range of your doorbell. The wider the angle, the more scenes you can see, the safer your house will be.

3. Night vision

If the video doorbell can’t see the image in the dark, it would be pretty useless. So, when you buy a video doorbell, you should choose one with a night vision function.

4. Cost

You should not only concern about the cost of the video doorbell but also the cost after the installation. Does its storage require additional fees? What are its paid features, do you need it?

5. Chime

Does your video doorbell have a chime? Does it need to be purchased separately? Vanma’s smart video doorbells all come with a chime. But many other video doorbells need to purchase chime separately. Chime can remind you of someone ringing the doorbell outside to prevent you from missing visitors.

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