Check If Your House Is Safe Through This Checklist

Check If Your House Is Safe Through This Checklist

According to the survey, the United States once a theft occurs every 30 seconds. The good news is that in recent years, the incidence of thefts has become lower and lower. One of the reasons is that more and more people are taking steps to prevent thieves from breaking in. And these steps are usually easy to do, they cost little or no money.

Lock the door and window

This is the simplest defensive measure, but it is also easy to overlook by many people. Thieves usually like to find easy targets, and houses with no doors and windows closed are the easiest to break into. When you leave the house, please double-check that the doors and windows are secured. Even when you are at home, it is best to keep the windows locked, especially at night.

Invest in a home security

No thief wants to be caught by the police. According to data, houses without security systems are three times more likely to be stolen than those installed. Because the security system can record the appearance of the thief, this is a powerful clue to find them. Security systems are not necessarily very expensive. You can choose a video doorbell to replace most of the security systems.
Its function is very powerful. The mobile detection function can remind you that there are suspicious persons around the house; the night vision function enables the doorbell to record the appearance of suspicious persons at night; the two-way intercom function allows you to scare away thieves.

Don’t expose your valuables to the sight of passersby

Thieves usually determine their targets in advance before the theft, so as to ensure that they can steal valuables and leave as quickly as possible. Therefore, we’d better not put our valuables in places where they can be seen everywhere. For example, do not put expensive bicycles outdoors, and do not put expensive items in front of open windows.

Re-select the place to put the spare key

If your key is located under the doormat or flower pot, you should consider changing its location. Because thieves know these popular places. If you have to put a spare key outside the door, look for a safer place, such as in a hidden combination lockbox, or at least away from the door.

Looks like someone is at home

If you are on long vacations or when you are away from home for a long time, please ask your neighbors or family members to help you collect mail. Otherwise, the piled-up mail can easily be guessed by the thief that there is no one in the house. Or you can also consider smart lights, which can be turned on or off through your mobile phone so that you can pretend that you are at home.

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