The Video Doorbell Exceeds Expectations

The Video Doorbell Exceeds Expectations

The main function of the doorbell is to know the identity of the visitor without opening the door. But in fact, its effect far exceeds this. What else can it do?

1. Found the cunning courier

Due to the pandemic, most people choose to shop online instead of offline. This has greatly increased the number of packages delivered to the doorstep. Perhaps due to the increase in the number of couriers, the couriers will throw the packages violently instead of placing them gently. When the house owner received the notification from the app, he opened it and saw what was happening outside his house: a courier threw his courier into the fence very violently.
“The parcel had a few dents in it, but luckily nothing was broken. I found it quite funny, it was the best throw I’ve ever seen, but my wife didn’t because it was her parcel.”
If the items in the package are damaged, you can use the video recorded by the video doorbell to make a claim.

2. Potential alibi

When a woman received legal action for parking a fine, the official Vanma's doorbell provided her with an alibi. This is for the lady to drop her children in a parking lot and plan to return in a few hours to pick them up. But she was accused of staying in the parking lot for 5 hours. So, the parking company requested a fine of 100 pounds. Fortunately, a video doorbell recorded everything. She is said to have returned home during the long driving time, and Vanma's doorbell can provide video to prove this.

3. Leave messages

Last Christmas, Hannah gave her parents a Vanma video doorbell. Soon, she discovered that his father would use the video doorbell every day to leave a message for her to see. Including today's weather, Valentine's Day wishes, positive information about learning that day, etc., of course, also remind her that he missed her. At first, she didn't know that the video doorbell could still be used in this way.
"Sometimes I receive news that my parents leave home because it will prompt me through the APP. Suddenly one day, I found that the video seemed a little different. It turned out that my dad was using it to leave me a message."
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