Is the Ring Doorbell Worth it?

There’s been a lot of hype about ring doorbells over the last couple of years. You may have some family members or friends who disdain this. But what exactly is it? Not sure whether to buy a ring doorbell?

Perhaps, in the beginning, most people buy the video doorbell for novelty. Until you actually own it, you don’t realize the importance of the video doorbell. This is especially true if you are very concerned about the safety of your house. With the ring doorbell, you can protect your house from theft and your package from loss. You can even use the video doorbell to confirm that you have locked the door.

What is the difference between wireless and wired?

Video doorbells can be divided into two types: wired and wireless. The biggest difference between them is the way of power supply. The wireless doorbell is powered by a battery, which is more convenient. The wired needs to be connected to the power supply in the house. And the wired doorbell may be cut off by the thief, the screen cannot be seen.
The wireless doorbell will connect to the Internet through your WIFI. When someone is in front of your door, a push notification will immediately remind you on your phone. Generally, video doorbells are equipped with chime, some require an additional purchase, but some are free. For example, every doorbell of Vanma will give a chime for free. You can place it anywhere in the room, and it will sound when the doorbell is ringing.

Is the video doorbell waterproof?

Technically speaking, the video doorbell is not waterproof. Because waterproof means that the doorbell can be immersed in water without damaging the equipment. However, Vanma doorbells are weather resistant and can withstand various factors.
When it rains, you don’t need to take off the device. It can be wetted by the rain, and can even withstand strong winds and heavy rain. But if it is placed in a bucket of water, the Vanma doorbell may have problems.

Is the video doorbell difficult to install?

All doorbells are easy to install. You only need to nail the doorbell to the wall, install a mobile phone APP, and you can use it after adding the device. Vanma video doorbell even provides two APPs, you can use not only the built-in APP but also the Tuya APP.

Is the ring doorbell worth the cost?

The answer is yes.
With the video doorbell, you can clearly know the condition of your front door, and after adjustment, you can even know the condition of your front yard. You can talk to the delivery person or your friends and tell them you are late. It can also prevent various types of crimes. Because thieves know to look for the doorbell, when they see the video doorbell, they will choose to give up.


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