Featured Products

Featured Products

Different Software Mode for Your Choice

Cloud Software 6

Guard Tour Management Platform

  • 30 Days Free Trial
  • 2,000 Customers Online Everyday
  • Patrolling Without Hardware Cost
  • GPS Real-Time Monitoring Guard
  • 7 Steps Easy Setups
  • Well Analyzed Report and Statistic

Online Security Guard Tour Application

  • NFC/BLE/QR-Code/GPS Reading Types
  • Picture, Video and Voice Records Data
  • Collect all your position data exactly (on Google map)
  • Voice Prompt: More Intuitive than LED and Vibration Prompt
  • Multi-user Authorization
  • Both for iOS and Android
Standalone Guard Tour Management Software

Standalone Guard Tour Management Software

  • Patrol plan upgraded ——patrol as schedule, patrol as times, special rest day.
  • Report upgraded——patrol in sequence, remaining time.
  • Database upgraded——firebird, run faster, more safe, stable.
  • Interface upgraded——more beautiful, more intuitive, simpler.
  • All in one——all JWM Guard Tour Models can be used together in software 2.0.
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