Note! Beware of Kidnapping Near Campus

Note! Beware of Kidnapping Near Campus

On Tuesday, March 30, Belmont University’s Office of Campus Security received a report from a Belmont student. She said, when she was walking off campus near Villa Place and Grand Avenue in the Edgehill Village area, two man in a white truck yelled at her. When the student wanted to cross the road, they stopped in front of her. A man reached out from the truck, as if trying to catch her.

The student successfully escaped and called her friends and campus security. Fortunately, she was not harmed in this incident.

How students avoid kidnapping around the campus?

  • Avoid entering dark or isolated places.
  • Avoid the approach of strangers, please keep a certain distance from them and observe them.
  • If there are suspicious vehicles around, please write down their license plates and tell your friends.
  • Stay vigilant and trust your feelings. If you feel uneasy, you should leave this area as soon as possible, move to a safe location, and seek help from campus security and friends.

How does the school avoid kidnapping near the campus?

1. Install CCTV.
CCTV can work all day, is the first line of defense to protect campus safety, and is also the most effective clue after a kidnapping case. There are two main functions of installing CCTV:
●Play a deterrent effect before the kidnapping case, threatening the kidnappers not to kidnap.
●Provide clues to the police after the kidnapping case, so that students can be found as soon as possible.

2. Arrange patrol.
Patrol is one of the most effective ways. Security patrols have far greater deterrence against kidnappers than CCTV. In the event of danger, if a student shouted for help, the security can hear it and rush to the scene to rescue. However, if only CCTV is used, the security may not discover the abnormality the first time.

The most suitable patrol system for this situation is the JWM real-time guard tour system.
This real-time guard tour system has an alarm button. When the security guard encounters an emergency, you can press the alarm button to ask the safety center for help and rescue at the fastest speed to reduce losses.


Real-time Guard Tour System

  • Real-time transmission
  • 5 phone numbers for voice calls
  • Alarm function
  • Task prompt
  • Software is free

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