We Solve the Problem of Hidden Dangers


Here at JWM Security, our main products are guard tour systems which Categories including basic(Touch/RFID), online GPS guard tour system, and security patrol software which can be widely used in Time; Attendance Monitoring, Logistics application, Asset management, Incident Reporting & Meter Reading and so on.

  • Founded in 2001
  • The 120-people experienced team of professionals
  • 116 Countries Exported
  • 89 Quality Certifications


Make Security Patrolling Easier.

We accomplish this by time-proven methods, experience, training and highly motivated, permanent employee base.


To Be Centennial Enterprise.

It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

XiaoYu E

Eddy E


My focus is to grow the agency, by getting and working with clients and our people to make a difference.


A creative and strategic leader in marketing, communication, advertisement and customer experience with more than 21 years of experience.
Works in assignments with complex challenges in regards to organisation, market, product or services.
Has a documented history as a modern marketing specialist with strong commercial orientation. Meaning has a good understanding of modern digital solutions and having the customer and their experience in mind. Works with a pragmatic and result oriented approach, based upon that strategy and activities shall transform business. As simple as that. Either it being generating new customers, change brand perception, launch a new product or innovate a way of doing business.

Kevin Yu

Customer Manager

Experienced manager with commercial negotiation with a demonstrated history of working in Philips, he is skilled in communication and customer service. Kevin has direct experience in managing a team of twenty in the overseas department of JWM.


Jack Zhang

Production Manager

Skilled in identifying and deploying winning open innovation strategies and overcoming” not invented here” syndrome, he is responsible for managing product and technology development of JWM product line including new design and implementation of new product and application. Used to lead the R&D Team at Rowson’s, Jack has brought his successful experience to JWM too.

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Global Semiconductor Design & Manufacturing Company
10 years Cooperation

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Worldwide Leader in Diverse Electronics Technologies
8 Years Cooperation

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