How to Protect the Safety of Capitol?

On January 6, 2021, a riot broke out in the Capitol. When we thought this thing won’t happen again, an attacker with a knife crash into a congressional policeman with his car and killed the policeman. This incident revived the question of how to protect the Capitol.

“It is with a very, very heavy heart that I announce one of our officers has succumbed to his injuries,” Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman said Friday, adding that a second officer was injured. Pittman told reporters that after the unnamed man rammed two officers with his car and smashed the car into a security barrier, he exit ed the car brandishing a knife. The suspect has not yet been identified by police.[1]

Regarding the security of the Congress, the law enforcement agencies have made some modifications, such as: demolishing the peripheral area of the fence around the Capitol building; the National Guard is required to be stationed in the Capitol until May 23. And this measure is useful. On the day of the incident, the National Guard in Washington DC responded quickly to the incident and assisted the Capitol Police in securing the border. However, these are far from enough.

One of the reasons why the Capitol is not safe enough is “insufficient manpower, inadequate equipment and insufficient training.” How to improve? The current quick way is to upgrade safety equipment. JWM patrol management system with GPS can be used. What functions does it have?

Alarm button

During the patrol, when congressional police encounter an emergency, they can press the alarm button for help. The management center will receive the distress message, combined with the GPS positioning function of the patrol reader, to determine the location of the emergency even when the police cannot speak.


The JWM real-time guard tour system has a GPS function. The patrol reader can upload data in real-time, and the JWM patrol system can draw patrol tracks based on the data. When the administrator discovers that there is an unplanned patrol, he can contact the Congressional police to see if he has been abducted.

Voice call

The patrol reader can call up to five people’s phones, the phone number is set by the administrator through the system. This can not only prevent private use but also quickly contact the management center in case of emergencies. Because there is no number keyboard, it saves time for dialing, and polices can report to the management center as soon as possible to gain time.

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