How to Prevent Video Doorbell from Being Stolen?

How to Prevent Video Doorbell from Being Stolen?

During the pandemic, video doorbell becomes more and more popular. At the same time, thieves are also interested in it. Because its value is generally tens of dollars or even hundreds of dollars, which is very attractive. They will risk being caught and steal your doorbell.

So, how to prevent video doorbell from being stolen? You can try the below ways.

1. Nailed to the wall

It’s the easiest way to theft-proof your video doorbell. Because thieves like to fight quickly. If it is difficult to be taken down, the thief usually gives up.
Use screws in the package to attach your doorbell to the stucco. It would take quite a bit of force to rip it out of the wall.
Learn how to install a video doorbell.
Most video doorbell has motion detection function. When someone approaches the video doorbell, you will receive notifications. Then, you can open your app on your smartphone, and shout at the thief. That might freak him or her out.

2. Fixed power cable

Some thieves will cut off the power cord to avoid camera capture.
There are two solutions:

  • Choose wireless video doorbell. You don’t have to worry about the thief cutting the wire, because there is no wire to cut.
  • Hide the wires. Find a place where you can hide wires, such as the edge of a wall. Or paint the wires to blend into your home decoration.

3. Lock it up

You can order a small grid box to cover it. The grid does not obscure the camera of the doorbell.
But please do not use glass boxes, because the reflection of the glass will cause the image to turn white or the video to be unclear.

4. Backup

The doorbell has different storage methods. Some can be stored directly in the cloud server, and some need to be stored in a memory card. If it is stored in a memory card, please remember to back up regularly to prevent data loss. But if it is a doorbell that provides cloud services, there is no need to worry. If the doorbell is lost, you can also log in to your account and make a backup.

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