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There is No Substitute During the Patrol

Project Necessity:

Since the chemical industry is a dangerous industry, daily patrols are essential. However, the manager cannot know whether the patrol employees are patrolling as required.
When patrol employees are patrolling, they are influenced by the environment. Dust and temperature will cause damage to patrol readers and increase costs.
When patrolling, patrol employees have a negative working attitude. And they often find irrelevant people to patrol on their behalf. This may cause security risks.


The company was established on April 23, 2012. The main business scope includes the production and sales of pharmaceuticals and rubber additives, chemical product sales, etc. Safety accidents occur frequently in chemical plants. In order to ensure the normal production and the personal safety of employees, the company decided to introduce the JWM guard tour system.
The JWM guard tour system will automatically organize the patrol report according to the data. The manager can read it after patrol. If there is something wrong, such as missed the patrol, it will be marked on the patrol report.
The fingerprint guard tour system uses a silicone jacket, metal shell, and silicone inner liner design. The IP rating reaches IP67, and it is not afraid of dust. This can ensure that the patrol reader adapts to most patrol environments.
The fingerprint guard tour system has the fingerprint function. Patrol employees must patrol by themselves. Because before reading checkpoint tags, they need to authenticate fingerprints.

Project Introduction:

The manager set the patrol route according to the actual situation of the factory. Then, he installed checkpoint tags on the route. When he selected patrol employees, he can input fingerprints to WM-5000X1, and read checkpoint tags. Then, set the patrol plan through the JWM guard tour system.
Patrol employees should hold the patrol reader to patrol. But before reading the checkpoint tags, he should verify his fingerprint. After the patrol, the data will be upload to the JWM guard tour system. Then, the system will automatically organize the patrol report.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the problem of the manager cannot know whether patrol employees patrolled on time.
2. Solve the problem of ordinary patrol readers cannot be used in chemical plants.
3. Solve the problem of the patrol employee finds someone to patrol on their behalf, causing hidden dangers.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000X1

  • 200 groups of fingerprints
  • 200 groups of the alarm clock
  • 900 task prompts
  • Voice prompt
  • Software is free
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