National Bank of Egypt

Patrol to Protect Bank Security

Project Necessity:

Due to a large number of people in the bank, the manager cannot know whether the patrol employees are patrolling as planned.
As ATM involves personal privacy, it is not suitable for close patrols. But if there is no patrol, there will be safety risks.
When there are disturbances or lawbreakers, staff cannot discover in time, leading to the expansion of the situation and causing negative effects.


As banks have extremely high-security requirements, traditional patrols are prone to loopholes. Therefore, the National Bank of Egypt decided to introduce the JWM guard tour system to ensure the daily safety of the bank.
Managers can set the patrol plan through the security guard system. After the patrol, all data will be upload and automatically organize in a patrol report. Managers can read it through the computer. If someone misses the patrol, this will be shown in the patrol report.
Ordinary patrol devices cannot long-distance patrols. If customers were using the ATM, patrol employees cannot patrol. But JWM has a patrol reader, which can patrol long-distance: WM-5000V8.
Regular patrols can detect problems in time, stop troublemakers, and maintain the bank’s image.

Project Introduction:

The National Bank of Egypt currently has 327 branches and outlets. This time, the JWM guard tour system has been installed in 60 branches (including banks and self-service outlets). Each branch installs 10-20 checkpoint tags or 2.4G tags, (installed in ATM, halls, and monitoring respectively). The 2.4G tag reading distance over 30 meters. In the case of users using ATM, patrol employees can also patrol as usual. And will not violate user privacy.
The National Bank of Egypt uses security patrol management to assess the work of patrol employees. When patrol employees are lazy, they can be found through the patrol report.

Solve Problems:

1. Through the JWM guard tour system, managers can know whether the employees are patrolling on time.
2. WM-5000V8 can read the 2.4G checkpoint tag for long-distance patrols. It is convenient to patrol blind spots, ATMs, and other places, reducing security risks.
3. Patrol employees can find the troublemaker in time and reduce the impact of the accident.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V8

  • Long-range and short-range reading mode
  • Screen for reader ID, records, time, temperature, and compass
  • Flashlight
  • Store up to 60,000 records
  • Software is free
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