Chunxiao Garden

Patrols Increase Residents’ Favorability

Project Necessity:

The manager cannot know whether the patrol employee was patrol on time, or whether they were missed patrol.
There was no inspection in each corridor for a long time, and the waste in the corridor was piled up. This not only affects the aesthetics but also hinders escape when danger occurs.
The patrol employee was negative. They will maliciously damage the patrol reader. Ordinary patrol readers are easy to damage and delay work.


Chunxiao Garden is located in Zengjiang, Guangzhou, and was built by Guangzhou Qixi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. There are 550 households in the community. In order to ensure the daily safety of residents, the property company decided to introduce the JWM guard tour system.
When patrol employees are patrolling, patrol data will store in the WM-5000V4S. After patrolling, the data will be upload to the JWM guard tour system. The manager can read the report on the computer.
The manager will install the checkpoint tags in corridors. When patrolling, patrol employees must go there to patrol.
WM-5000V4S uses a metal shell, a silicone liner, and the protection level is IP67. Waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall, which greatly guarantees durability and reduces the chance of damage.

Project Introduction:

First, the manager installs checkpoint tags in the building. Then, he can set the patrol plan in the JWM guard tour system. Patrol employees should hold the WM-5000V4S to patrol. After patrolling, they should upload the data to the system. The manager can read the patrol report on the computer.
When using the JWM guard tour system, the economic losses caused by management vulnerabilities can be avoided. At the same time, the work of patrol employees can be shown to the residents, and the residents’ favorability can be improved.

Solve Problems:

1. When the manager is not in the community, he cannot know whether patrol employees were patrolling on time.
2. The corridor has not been patrolled continuously, causing garbage blockage.
3. Patrol employees work negative, unnecessary repair costs caused by malicious damage to equipment.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V4S
●RFID 125KHz Reading, 3-5 cm
●Magnetic suction interface
●Software is free

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