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Take Photos During Patrols to Ensure Equipment Safety

Project Necessity:

Patrol employees need to carry too much equipment when patrolling, which is not conducive to patrols.
Patrol employees were lazy during the patrol, but the managers could not find out, resulting in equipment aging and even explosion.
When patrol employees encounter equipment failures, they cannot obtain evidence and report them in time.


The professional equipment in the company’s workshop shall be inspected every two hours to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. So Jieneng Hi-Tech introduced the JWM guard tour management system. This ensures that patrol employees will finish the patrol according to the plan, and can upload photos or data in time if problems are found. Managers can grasp the patrol route of patrol employees at any time, and problems can be solved in time. The manager chose Wepatrol as the patrol tool. It is an APP, but powerful.
Wepatrol can upload photos. When patrol employees encounter malfunctioning equipment, they can upload photos to the management center via the app. It is convenient for managers to deal with problems in time.
Patrol employees can take photos and patrol with their phones, so when they patrol, they only need to carry their mobile phones.
Wepatrol has a trajectory tracking function, and managers can check the trajectory during the patrol of employees to prevent laziness or missed patrols.

Project Introduction:

First, the manager passes a QR code on the place that needs to be patrolled. The QR codes use as checkpoint tags. Then the manager can set the patrol plan through JWM cloud software, then patrol employees can patrol.
During the patrol, if they encounter a malfunctioning machine, they can take photos and upload them. After the manager receives the message, he can assign someone to repair it immediately to avoid delays in the next process.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the problem that patrol employees need to carry multiple devices during a patrol.
2. Solve the problem that managers cannot determine whether patrol employees patrol as the route.
3. Solve the problem that managers cannot grasp the on-site situation in time.

Product Introduction:

Model: Wepatrol

  • Task prompt
  • Equipment replacement
  • NFC, QR-Code, Bluetooth, and GPS reading mode
  • Media patrol data
  • Both for IOS and Android
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