How Does the Thief Judge Whether the House Is Inhabited?

How Does the Thief Judge Whether the House Is Inhabited?

Thieves will test before choosing to break into a house. If the marks left by them have not been destroyed by others for a long time, indicating that the house is empty. They will choose a time for the theft. There are four common ways below. If you find these marks around your house, please install CCTV or video doorbell to ensure the safety of your house.

1. Masking tape

According to research, masking tape has been linked to a rise in new burglary techniques. First, the thief will put the tape on the keyhole. If someone lives, the homeowner will tear off the tape. If the tape has not been moved after a few days, the thieves will know that the house is empty.
There is a similar heuristic. The thief will stick tape on the doorbell. If no one answers, they will think the room is empty.
But these can all be solved by purchasing a video doorbell. Because it has a motion detection function, even if the visitor does not press the video doorbell, it will record their appearance. Even if the worst happens, it can provide you with evidence and give you a chance to recover your property.

2. Don’t let leaflets build-up

Some thieves post flyers in their mailboxes every day. Whether the advertisement is a takeaway menu, they can judge whether there are people in the house by observing whether the flyers are gathered on the floor. If the flyers are not cleaned for a long time, the house is empty.

3. Forced entry

Now, some thieves will directly destroy the lock and force it into the house. There have been reports of burglars blowtorching locks clean off doors and snapping lock cylinders to help them enter homes.
In order to avoid similar effects, please carefully check whether your lock meets safety standards.

4. Detect distractions quickly

Although this is not a new technology, the ways to distract house owners are constantly changing. The latest case is that someone pretending to be administering a COVID-19 vaccine so that they can enter the property.
Therefore, when encountering such people, first ask them to provide their ID. If you are still unsure, please call the company it claims to verify.

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