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Protect Residents’ Safety and Improve Satisfaction

Project Necessity:

The manager has no way of knowing whether patrol employees are patrolling on time, or whether they are lazy.
The amount of patrol data is huge, and it is difficult to organize and evaluate.
The patrol employee needs to carry flashlights separately at night, which is inconvenient to move.


To ensure the safety of residents, the company requires patrol employees to patrol the community for 24 hours to deal with emergencies. To ensure that every security guard can perform his duties, Yongyi Property has introduced the JWM guard tour system. The system requires patrol employees to patrol as planned. And to ensure that they can respond as soon as possible in the event of an emergency.
The patrol data will upload to the JWM guard tour system, managers can read it after they had patrolled. This effectively prevents the patrol employee from being lazy or missing patrols.
The patrol data will be automatically organized into reports by the system. Managers can view pie charts or bar charts according to their own habits or needs.
The patrol employee only needs to carry the patrol reader when patrolling, because WM-5000X1 has a flashlight function, which is more convenient.

Project Introduction:

First, install checkpoint tags in each location of the community, and set the name through the JWM guard tour system. Set the patrol plan according to the needs of the actual patrol period.
When the patrol employees patrol, they just need hand WM-5000X1, according to the patrol plan on time to all locations can read the checkpoint tags, and deal with problems on time.
After the patrol, the employee uploads the data to the JWM guard tour system, and the system organizes the data into a patrol report for the manager to see.

Solve Problems:

1. Set a patrol plan for patrol employees, and evaluate their work to avoid someone being lazy.
2. Analyze the patrol data through the software to provide useful information for the management.
3. The patrol reader has a flashlight function, so they do not need to carry a flashlight when patrolling at night, making work more convenient.
4. Improve the satisfaction of community residents.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000X1
●200 groups of fingerprints
●200 groups of alarm clock
●900 task prompts
●Voice prompt
●Software is free

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