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JWM Guard Tour System: Protects Your New Car

Project Necessity:

They adopt the form of sign-in, which can make up multiple names at once and cannot guarantee that patrol employees were patrolled on time.
They need to carry flashlights separately when patrolling at night. In addition, there are other equipments, that is not convenient for patrolling.
Due to quality problems, the normal patrol reader frequently needs to be repaired, which delays the normal patrol.
The paper-based patrol data is messy and inconvenient for managers to view.


The security not only need to ensure the safety of personnel, vehicles, and property but also an important part of the store image. Thus, it is very important to establish a system for patrol employees. Beijing Jinguan Automobile Service Co., Ltd. introduced the JWM guard tour system to regulate security work and ensure safety in the store.
The system only records data when patrol employees patrol on time. Otherwise, the JWM guard tour system will display missed patrols. Patrol employees cannot cheat.
WM-5000V4S has a flashlight function, and the patrol employee only needs to carry the patrol reader.
WM-5000V4S is waterproof, dustproof, and pressure-proof. The IP rating is IP67, and maintenance is rarely required.
The JWM guard tour system will automatically organize the patrol data. Managers can choose tables or pie charts for viewing.

Project Introduction:

During the daytime, patrol employees check the conditions of vehicles and parking spaces as planned. They also check the surrounding environment to ensure order in the exhibition hall. At the same time, they must check the door, fire-fighting appliances, and safe passages.
From 7 pm to 7 am, patrol employees will patrol every two hours. To check water, electricity, doors, and windows, check monitoring. And then, patrol around the store to be vigilant for suspicious situations.
After the patrol, patrol employees should upload the data in the patrol reader to the JWM guard tour system through the data cable. The patrol data can also automatically generate a table. The manager can check the patrol report at any time, at a glance.

Solve Problems:

1. The data is automatically recorded by WM-5000V4S and cannot be cheated.
2. WM-5000V4S can be used as a flashlight. It does not need to be carried separately.
3. JWM’s patrol reader is all IP67 IP grade, sturdy and resistant to drop, not easy to damage.
4. The JWM guard tour system will automatically organize the data into reports, which are convenient for managers to read.[/fusion_text]

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V4S

  • Flashlight
  • RFID 125KHz Reading, 3-5 cm
  • IP67
  • Magnetic suction interface
  • Software is free
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