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Large Battery Capacity Allows Uninterrupted Patrols

Project Necessity:

The factory environment is complex, and it is impossible to determine whether patrol employees actually arrived at the inspection point.
Ordinary patrol readers are of poor quality, and the fuselage is often prone to damage in the process of patrolling chemical plants.
Ordinary patrol readers are prone to power off during the patrol. Because their battery capacity is too small.


As a chemical and chemical company, Fujian Southeast Electrochemical Co., Ltd has always regarded “safety first and prevention first” as the company’s safety production policy. In order to achieve this goal, this company introduced the JWM guard tour system to prevent safety incidents from happening.
WM-5000V8 can record patrol records, and then uploaded to the JWM cloud software. From it, managers can view the time when patrol employees arrived at each location and previous records.
WM-5000V8 uses a metal shell, a silicone liner, and the protection level is IP67. Waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall, high-temperature resistance, which greatly guarantees durability and reduces the chance of damage.
WM-5000V8 has a 1150mAh battery. It can be used for at least 26 days when fully charged. Patrol employees no longer worry about running out of power during the patrol.

Project Introduction:

First, according to the actual situation of the factory, set the most suitable JWM cloud software. Then, install checkpoint tags at locations that need to be patrolled. At the same time, use the WM-5000V8 to read checkpoint tags, set locations name, and patrol plan through the JWM cloud software.
When patrol employees are patrolling, they only need to hold the patrol reader to read each checkpoint tag. After patrolling, the data will upload to the JWM cloud software. It will automatically organize the data into a report, and abnormal situations (such as missed inspections) will be marked in the report.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the problem that managers cannot determine the authenticity of data;
2. Solve the problem of poor quality of ordinary patrol readers and frequent repairs, which increases economic costs;
3. Solved the problem that ordinary patrol readers are prone to run out of power during the patrol.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V8

  • Long-range and short-range reading mode
  • Screen for reader ID, records, time, temperature, and compass
  • Flashlight
  • Store up to 60,000 records
  • Software is free
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