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Pedometer Function: Supervise Employees to Patrol More Seriously

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Project Necessity:

If the pipeline and its accessories are not inspected in time, it is easy to leak and cause safety hazards.
Night patrols are prone to replace patrols, resulting in areas that need to be inspected not carefully inspected.
Patrol employees are lazy and skip areas that need to be patrolled. If the firefighting equipment is not checked, it will not be used in a time when a fire occurs.


Oil is a flammable liquid with a certain degree of danger. It is easy to burn and explode in case of an open fire and high heat. Therefore, the safety inspection of the oil depot is the top priority. Therefore, Gongxing Oil Depot introduced the JWM guard tour system to prompt the patrol. This method greatly strengthens the safety construction of the oil depot, and effectively supervises and manages the inspection work of the inspectors.
The manager installed the checkpoint tags on the pipeline. So that the patrol employee must check the pipeline.
The WM-5000X1 has a fingerprint function, after verifying the fingerprint, patrol employees can use the patrol reader to read the checkpoint tags.
The WM-5000X1 has a pedometer, the manager can read the data from the patrol report, this can help the manager judge whether patrol employees are serious about their work.

Project Introduction:

First, the manager installs checkpoint tags on the location or route that needs to be patrolled. Then log in to the electronic patrol system, and set the name of checkpoint tags. After that, through the JWM guard tour system to set the patrol time (patrol plan) and enter the security fingerprint.
Then WM-5000X1 will be distributed to the security personnel. The patrol employees will patrol with the patrol reader to reach the designated patrol location. After fingerprint recognition, the patrol reader will be used to sense the checkpoint tags, and it will automatically record the name and location of the checkpoint tags.
The time of arrival will be uploaded to the JWM guard tour system in real-time, and the manager can view the report of the patrol employees through the computer.

Solve Problems:

1. Patrol employees can’t skip the area where needs to be patrolled.
2. Patrol employees must verify their fingerprints so that there is no substitute for patrolling.
3. The number of steps of patrol employees can be recorded by the WM-5000X1 to further measure whether the patrol employee is lazy.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000X1
●200 groups of fingerprints
●200 groups of the alarm clock
●900 task prompts
●Voice prompt
●Software is free

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