Manchu Museum

JWM Guard Tour System to Help Cultural Heritage

Location:Manchu Museum

Project Necessity:

Patrol employees often missed the patrol, so that they can’t find those visitors who don’t leave after the museum is closed.
The museum is built by wood, and now, they are old, which is prone to fire.
The manager has to stay in the museum to ensure that the patrol employees are patrolling.


This museum is a place of historical continuity. It has the main room, the concierge, the east and west wing rooms, a total of six houses and 30 houses, the doors and windows of the latticed pattern with the characteristics of Manchu living. In order to protect the museum, the manager decided to introduce the JWM guard tour system.
The checkpoint tags are installed into the concern of the museum, where is easily forgotten. When the patrol employees are patrolling, they should use a WM-5000V4S reader to read the checkpoint tags.
The checkpoint tags can be installed in high-risk areas to ensure that patrol employees can patrol to reduce the risk of fire.
The manager can read the patrol report through the mobile phone if he has installed the Cloud Patrol+ APP.

Project Introduction:

First, install checkpoint tags on the location or route that needs to be patrolled on the museum. Then log in to the JWM guard tour system, and set the name of checkpoint tags. After that, through the Cloud Patrol+ APP to set the patrol time (patrol plan) and enter the security fingerprint.
Then WM-5000V4S will be distributed to the patrol employees. They will patrol with the patrol reader to reach the designated patrol location. After reading the checkpoint tags, the patrol reader will automatically record the name and location of the location.
The time of arrival will be uploaded to the Cloud Patrol+ APP in time, and the administrator can view the patrol report of the patrol employees through mobile phones or they can read the report through the computer with JWM cloud software.

Solve Problems:

The places where are easy to be ignored will not be miss anymore.
The patrol employee has to read the checkpoint tags, if there is something wrong, he can contact the manager for the first time, then the hidden problems will be solved immediately.
The manager can supervision patrol employees through the mobile phone, they don’t need to supervision them in the museum.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V4S
●RFID 125KHz Reading, 3-5 cm
●Magnetic suction interface
●Software is free

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