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JWM Can Not only Maintain Safety But Also Supervise Cleanliness

Location: Bailian Shenyang Shopping Mall

Project Necessity:

There are a large number of people in the shopping center, and the manager cannot always supervise the cleaners, which leads to lazy work. The shopping mall cannot guarantee a clean environment and will leave a bad impression on customers.
The manager can’t know whether the patrol employee was patrol on time or whether there is any omission or non-patrol.
Patrol employees often forget to check the fire-fighting facilities in the shopping mall, which makes them unusable in the event of a fire, causing greater losses.


Bailian Shenyang Shopping Mall is located in the core area of Shenyang. It aims to build a comprehensive commercial center integrating shopping, catering, entertainment, leisure, and culture and provides consumers with comfortable shopping and leisure enjoyment.
Managers install checkpoint tags in the main locations that cleaners need to clean, and set to read them on time and cycle according to shifts.
JWM guard tour system can automatically organize patrol reports based on the data uploaded by patrol employees after patrolling.
Install checkpoint tags at the fire-fighting facilities and conduct regular patrols to ensure that fire-fighting equipment will not expire.


Project Introduction:

Each floor of the mall is patrolled by patrol employees. Each area is arranged with 2 sets of WM-5000V4S, and a total of 100 checkpoint tags are set up according to the floor plan of the mall. Patrol employees, cleaners, and security guards hold the patrol reader, according to the prescribed time and route, to patrol at various patrol points. By reading each checkpoint tag, the patrol time of each place can be recorded.
After the patrol, upload the data to the JWM guard tour system in the manager center of the mall, so that the work conditions of patrol employees, cleaners, and security guards can be recorded.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the problem that the manager cannot know whether patrol employees are patrolling according to the requirements;
2. Solved the problem that the fire-fighting facilities in shops and buildings were often forgotten to check, which caused the equipment to be unusable;
3. Solved the problem of unattended cleaning staff and failure to handle garbage in time, which caused complaints from shop owners;
4. The shopping mall patrol employees patrol all floors of Bailian according to the plan and can find problems and hidden dangers in time.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V4S
●RFID 125KHz Reading, 3-5 cm
●Magnetic suction interface
●Software is free

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