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Patrol to Reduce Cable Damage

Project Necessity:

Some patrol employees do not know the terrain, landforms, and changes along the line. And they do not know about traffic conditions;
Patrol employees are too scattered, difficult to manage, and difficult to assess personnel;
After heavy rains and other special circumstances, patrol employees did not patrol as required, resulting in potential safety hazards. When necessary, no one is stationed in the mainline section to ensure the safety of the optical cable line;


According to statistics, 85% of communication failures are caused by external forces. Thus, reducing failures caused by external forces is the key. From the perspective of accident analysis, most hidden dangers have a process. Therefore, the Suihua Branch of Mobile Communications Company decided to introduce the JWM guard tour system to effectively prevent losses.
WM-5000P4 has a GPS function, managers can see the location of patrol employees through the JWM guard tour system. When they deviate from the patrol route, the manager can call to inform them.
The JWM guard tour system can replay the trajectory and data of each lineman in recent months at any time. This provides a basis for the next inspection plan. Then, the appraisal of patrol employees will become easier.
Managers can read the patrol report through the JWM guard tour system. When patrol employees fail to patrol by regulations, it will be shown in the report.

Project Introduction:

First, according to the actual situation of the communication line, set the most suitable JWM guard tour system. Then, set GPS checkpoints at locations that need to be patrolled. At the same time, set locations name and patrol plan through the JWM guard tour system.
When patrol employees are patrolling, they only need to hold the WM-5000P4 to reach GPS checkpoints. When they are patrolling, the data will upload to the JWM guard tour system automatically. It will organize the data into a report, and abnormal situations (such as missed inspections) will be marked in the report.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the problem of wrong or missed patrol caused by an unfamiliar route.
2. Solve the problem of employees not going to work without permission.
3. Solved the problem that no one was stationed in key positions.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000P4
●Real-time transmission
●5 phone numbers for voice calls
●Alarm function
●Task prompt
●Software is free

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