How to Ensure the Safety of the ICCS?  Patrol with Mobile Phones

Project Necessity:

Warehouses often have overstocked inventory, and flammable items are stacked around them. Patrol employees didn’t investigate in time, and major accidents are prone to occur.
Patrol employees who use ordinary patrol APP will fake QR code checkpoints. Cheating in this way, managers have no way of knowing.
Traditional handwritten patrol records are troublesome. And cannot record accurate and true assessment results.


ICCS to improve safety management and ensure the normal production of the freight yard. Combined with the actual situation of ICCS, it was decided to introduce the JWM Wepatrol APP. In this way, a guard tour system can be established in time. And the management of inspection personnel can be comprehensively strengthened.
Install QR code checkpoints around the warehouse. Then enter the JWM cloud software, and set the patrol plan. Frequent patrols of the warehouse can effectively avoid the occurrence of hidden dangers.
JWM Wepatrol APP will monitor in real-time after uploading data. Managers can view the patrol track of patrol employees through the Cloud Patrol APP+.
JWM Wepatrol APP will automatically generate patrol reports based on the data. This report can accurately record the time and location of arrival.

Project Introduction:

According to the patrol requirements of ICCS, install the QR code checkpoints at each location that needs to be patrolled.
Then, enter the patrol time, employees, and the location of the QR code into the JWM cloud software. And the system automatically organizes the patrol plan.
Patrol employees use the Wepatrol APP to scan the QR code when patrolling. And they can report problems through the APP (sent in text, voice, photos, or video) to the management center.
Wepatrol APP can organize data into reports. The patrol report records the time, reported problems, and abnormal data (such as missing patrol). In this case, managers can better understand the patrol situation and ensure warehouse safety.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation that hidden dangers occurred around the factory warehouse that could not be checked and resolved in the first time;
2. Solve the problem that ordinary patrol APP is easy to cheat;
3. Solved the trouble of traditional handwritten patrol records are troublesome. And cannot record accurate and true assessment results.

Product Introduction:

Model: Wepatrol APP
●Task prompt
●Equipment replacement
●NFC, QR-Code, Bluetooth, and GPS reading mode
●Media patrol data
●Both for IOS and Android

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