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JWM Helps Protect the Safety of the Elderly

Location: United Life Health Community

Project Necessity:

Vehicles parked illegally or randomly, causing traffic congestion to pedestrians and passing vehicles;
Failure to discover infrastructure damage in time, and delay in maintenance, causing trouble to pedestrians and passing vehicles;
In some areas, there is a problem of monitoring blind spots, and criminals may steal and rob property. Directly endanger the personal and property safety in the community and seriously affect the stability of the community;
There are no safety fences in some places (such as near the artificial lake), and the lack of basic facilities to protect the safety of the elderly has created a safety hazard.


Caidian District of Wuhan City decided to spend five years to build China’s first professional elderly care community. In order to improve the refined management level of the service area and use advanced equipment to strengthen the assessment and management of patrol personnel, the community introduced the JWM guard tour system.
By patrolling on time, crimes such as robbery in the community have been significantly reduced.
The patrol report can reflect the time to read the checkpoint tags to ensure that the staff patrol on time, otherwise there will be a situation of missed patrols, and the security personnel cannot get their own wages.
By using WM-5000V5 to patrol, illegally parked vehicles can be detected in time and traffic can be improved.

Project Introduction:

Through the JWM guard tour system, the community patrol management process was standardized and the supervision of patrol work was strengthened.
The administrator first fixes the checkpoint tags and then sets the name of the checkpoint tags through the guard tour system.
In the second step, when the patrol employees arrive at each place, they read the checkpoint tags with the WM-5000V5 patrol reader. It will automatically record the patrol time, patrol location, patrol personnel, and other related information.
When the patrol is over, the management will connect the patrol reader to the computer, and it will automatically analyze and intelligently process the information, and retain detailed information for reference.

Solve Problems:

1. Reduce the occurrence of crimes such as robbery.
2. Reduce vehicle parking violations and ease traffic jams.
3. Discover and solve potential safety hazards in time to reduce the chance of accidents for the elderly.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V5
●Long Battery Life
●Best Seller
●Store up to 60,000 records
●Software is free

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