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JWM Guard Tour System Protects Your Express Delivery Safety

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Project Necessity:

Some courier companies have inadequate and incomplete investigations of potential safety hazards.
Patrol employees are lazy and fail to make patrol on time, so hidden dangers cannot be discovered in time.
When patrolling at night, patrol employees need to carry flashlights. At the same time, there are too many tools to carry, which is not convenient for patrols.


In order to ensure the safety of the logistics warehouse, the complete and smooth distribution of inventory, and to avoid incidents such as warehouse fires, Deppon Logistics Co., LTD. introduced the JWM guard tour system.
By setting checkpoint tags covering the entire area, thorough patrols can be ensured and potential safety hazards can be eliminated.
The patrol report can reflect the time to read the checkpoint tags to ensure that the staff patrol on time, otherwise there will be a situation of missed patrols, and the security personnel cannot get their own wages.
WM-5000V4S reader has a flashlight function, there is no need to carry a flashlight separately, which saves space and is convenient for patrols.


Project Introduction:

First, the manager installs checkpoint tags in the warehouse. Then, through the JWM guard tour system, setting the checkpoint tags’ name, and inputting the patrol employees and time to patrol, the system will automatically draw into a patrol plan, patrol path map.
Second, the employees take WM-5000V4S to do their job, the patrol reader will store data records automatically.
Then, the patrol employees upload the data to the JWM guard tour system, and the system automatically organizes the data into a patrol report for the manager to see.

Solve Problems:

1. Patrol on time to ensure warehouse safety, reduce security risks, and prevent fires.
2. Prevent inspectors from being lazy or cheating and make them patrol on time.
3. The patrol reader can be used directly at night to illuminate, no need to carry a flashlight separately, which is convenient for patrol employees.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V4S
●RFID 125KHz Reading, 3-5 cm
●Magnetic suction interface
●Software is free

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