Diamonds Deserve Better Protection

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Location: Shanghai Kimberley Diamond Co., Ltd

Project Necessity:

The patrol employees could not patrol in time and could not find suspicious persons.
Unable to contact the management center when encountering unexpected problems, such as public security, complaints, etc., will easily cause negative effects.
Traditional patrols only rely on paper reports, which are easy to falsify and cannot determine the actual inspection time of the patrol personnel.


Diamonds are the most precious gemstones. More and more successful people favor diamonds, and many diamond manufacturers have emerged in China. It is not easy to stand out among these diamond manufacturers, and Shanghai Kimberley Diamond Co., Ltd. has established strict quality standards and a well-regulated quality control system. In order to become a well-known diamond brand, the Kimberley Diamond Store decided to introduce the JWM guard tour system to protect diamonds’ safety.
WM-5000V4S can be used as a flashlight, so you can see the surroundings even when patrolling at night.
At the same time, through the JWM guard tour system, managers can accurately understand the security patrol time and better manage personnel.

Project Introduction:

First, the manager installs the checkpoint tags on the showcase in the store, in front of the door, and outside the windows, and changes the name of the checkpoint tags, then sets the patrol plan through the JWM guard tour system.
Second, the patrol employees carry WM-5000V4S to read the checkpoint tags in accordance with the patrol plan.
Finally, patrol employees upload the patrol data, and the manager can view it through the JWM guard tour system.

Solve Problems:

1. When the store is open, do a good job of safety inspection work, prevent man-made damage;
2. They patrol according to the plan can prevent theft, fire, and public security incidents. At the same time, check whether the doors, windows, and showcases are abnormal, whether they are changed or damaged or lost;
3. In case of an emergency, employees can contact the team leader in time and quickly mobilize personnel to deal with it;
4. The patrol records can be well-documented, prevent patrol employees from missing patrol. At the same time improve safety awareness and realize scientific modern management.

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