When in Danger, Call for Help with One Button

Location: The third medical center of PLA General Hospital

Project Necessity:

There are always people making trouble at the entrance of the hospital, and if they are not discovered in time, they will expand the situation and cause bad effects.
When encountering emergencies, other patrol personnel cannot be notified in time, resulting in injuries.
Some vehicles parked in violation of regulations, causing disorder in the parking lot.


The third medical center of PLA General Hospital is an open place with a large flow of personnel, which easily provides opportunities for criminals. At the same time, patients belong to a vulnerable group, and unexpected situations may occur outside of the normal rounds of medical staff.
In order to ensure the progress of all tasks in the General Hospital, in 2014, the third medical center of PLA General Hospital introduced the JWM guard tour system, to protect the safety of patients, family members, employees, and property.
The manager can set the patrol plan through the JWM guard tour system, patrol employees should patrol on time, then, they can stop the troublemakers and stop them in time.
WM-5000L4D has an alarm function and voice call function, which can call for help or notify other people in time to reduce the chance of injury.
When they patrol on time, they will frequently patrol the parking, stop illegal vehicles in time, and ensure the normal order of the parking lot.

Project Introduction:

First, install checkpoint tags on the location or route that needs to be patrolled in the hospital. Then log in to the patrol system, and set the name of checkpoint tags. After that, through the JWM guard tour system to set the patrol plan.
Then WM-5000L4D will be distributed to patrol employees. They will patrol with the patrol reader to reach the designated patrol location. After read the checkpoint tags, and the patrol reader will automatically record the name and location of the location. The time of arrival will be uploaded to the JWM guard tour system in time, and the administrator can view the patrol report through the computer.
If they encounter emergencies, they can send SOS to the management center. And if they have enough time, they also can call others through the WM-5000L4D.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the problem that the troublemaker could not be found in time.
2. Solved the problem of not being able to notify the management center in time or contact others in an emergency situation.
3. Solve the problem of illegal parking of vehicles.

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Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000L4D
●Real-time transmission
●5 phone numbers for voice calls
●Alarm function
●Task prompt
●Software is free

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