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JWM Guard Tour System: No Hidden Dangers

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Location: Qinzhou Tianyi Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Project Necessity:

The manager cannot know whether the patrol employees are patrolling on time. If they didn’t, the safety of the plant cannot be guaranteed.
After leaving the factory, the manager cannot receive the patrol report as soon as possible, and the patrol employees cannot be notified in the first time if there is a missed patrol.
The fire-fighting facilities in the factory area often forget to check, which causes the equipment to expire or damage, and the hidden fire hazard cannot be solved for the first time, which leads to an increase in the fire situation and a major safety accident.
The fire-fighting equipment in the plant is often forgotten to check, which causes the equipment to expire or be damaged, and can easily cause major safety accidents.


Qinzhou Tianyi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in the construction, management, and operation of the comprehensive utilization of liquefied petroleum gas. It covers an area of more than 700 acres and has a total investment of 2.37 billion yuan.
After the patrol, the employee uploads the data stored in the patrol machine to the JWM cloud software, and the system automatically organizes the patrol report to ensure that the manager can know the working status of the employees.
The system can send the organized patrol report to the mobile phone or computer, and the administrator can receive it for the first time, the report can be viewed normally even if not in the office.
Arrange checkpoint tags at the fire-fighting facilities so that employees must come here for inspection.

Project Introduction:

First, the factory installs checkpoint tags on the patrol route or equipment and sets the name through the JWM cloud software. According to the actual management requirements, set the patrol plan.
Second, the WM-5000V4S patrol reader will be given to the patrol employees. They arrive at the designated checkpoint tags and read them. The WM-5000V4S will automatically record the time and the name of the patrol point and store them.
Finally, managers can view inspection reports through the JWM cloud software, not just in the office, but also on mobile phones and computers.

Solve Problems:

1. The patrol report accurately records the time when the patrol employee arrives at each checkpoint tag, and abnormal data such as missing patrols will be clearly marked.
2. The manager can read the report for the first time and can arrange the missing patrol position in time to prevent hidden dangers.
3. Patrol employees can avoid missing patrols through the patrol plan and ensure that the fire-fighting facilities are within the available period at any time.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V4S

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