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Finding Suspicious Persons in Advance to Protect Students’ Safety

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Location:Keystone Academy

Project Necessity:

Patrol employees work passively and often find someone to read the checkpoint tags instead of themselves, and campus safety cannot be guaranteed.
Patrol employees often forget to check the fire-fighting facilities on campus, which makes them unusable in the event of a fire, causing greater losses.
Patrol employees do not patrol on time and cannot find suspicious persons in time when students are going to school or after school, etc., which threatens the personal safety of students.


In order to maintain social stability and create a safe and harmonious campus, Beijing Keystone Academy adopts the JWM Guard Tour System to strengthen the comprehensive management of public security on the campus and surrounding areas. Ensure the safety of the lives and property of teachers and students, and strengthen safety education and management.
WM-5000X1 has a fingerprint recognition function. Fingerprint recognition is required every time when read the checkpoint tags, so that patrol employees cannot find others to patrol.
Install checkpoint tags at the fire-fighting facilities and conduct regular inspections to ensure that fire-fighting equipment will not expire.
WM-5000X1 will record the patrol time and prompt the security to patrol on time to ensure that there are no suspicious persons before the students go to school or leave school.

Project Introduction:

First, install checkpoint tags on the location or route that needs to be patrolled on the campus. Then log in to the electronic patrol system, and set the name of checkpoint tags. After that, through the JWM cloud software to set the patrol time (patrol plan) and enter the security fingerprint.
Then WM-5000X1 will be distributed to the security personnel. The patrol employees will patrol with the patrol reader to reach the designated patrol location. After fingerprint recognition, the patrol reader will be used to sense the checkpoint tags, and the patrol reader will automatically record the name and location of the location. The time of arrival will be uploaded to the JWM cloud software in real time, and the administrator can view the patrol report of the patrol employees through computers, mobile phones and other means.

Solve Problems:

This ensures that the patrol employees are in place to patrol the situation personally to ensure campus safety.
The patrol employees must read all checkpoint tags in accordance with the patrol plan, otherwise the patrol report will show missing patrols.
WM-5000X1 records the time and location of the card reading, and the system automatically organizes the data into a patrol report. If patrol employees do not patrol on time, the manager will notice.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000X1
●200 groups of fingerprints
●200 groups of alarm clock
●900 task prompts
●Voice prompt
●Software is free

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