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Eliminate Hidden Dangers in Furniture City

Project Introduction:

The manager will install checkpoint tags where needs to be patrolled. Then, patrol readers and checkpoint tags’ data will be contacted through the computer. After that, the manager can set the patrol plan through the JWM cloud software.
When the patrol time is reached, the patrol employee needs to hold the patrol reader to read the checkpoint tags. After the patrol, the WM-5000V8 will be transmitted to the computer via the data cable or WM-5000T8.

WM-5000T8 can replace the data cable to transmit data to the computer. It can not only extend the life of the product, but also make the operation more convenient.

Easyhome is a home furnishing-based business, with family consumption as a platform. And it covers interior design and decoration, furniture, and building materials sales. Its main products are mostly flammable materials such as wood and plastic, so it needs to pay special attention to safety. Thus, they decided to introduce the JWM guard tour system.
The manager can install the checkpoint tags on flammable furniture. So that patrol employees will not forget to patrol here.
WM-5000V8 can display how many records have been recorded. The patrol employee can infer whether he has missed the checkpoint tags based on the records.
The manager can read the patrol report through the JWM cloud software, wherever he is.

Project Introduction:

First, the manager installs checkpoint tags on the location or route that needs to be patrolled. Then log in to the JWM cloud software, and set the name of checkpoint tags and the patrol time (patrol plan).
Then WM-5000L4D will be distributed to patrol employees. They will patrol with the patrol reader to reach the designated patrol location. Then the patrol reader will be used to sense the checkpoint tags. And it will record the name and location of the checkpoint tags and upload data manually or automatically. Managers can read the patrol report through the phone or computer.

Solve Problems:

1. It solves the hidden dangers caused by the patrol employee’s missing or even non-patrol;
2. It solves the problem that managers cannot get accurate patrol reports and take responsibility for hidden dangers for a long time.
3. It solves the problem that patrol employees do not know whether they missed the checkpoint tag.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V8
●Long-range and short-range reading mode
●Screen for reader ID, records, time, temperature, and compass
●Store up to 60,000 records
●Software is free

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