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Patrol Reader for Chemical Plants

Project Necessity:

Traditional patrol methods cannot guarantee whether the patrol employee will patrol the factory on time.
During the night patrol, patrol employees usually are lazy. They sometimes will miss the patrol or even do not patrol.
Traditional patrol methods or normal patrol readers cannot guarantee patrol employees were patrolled by themselves.


JingJiang Connect Chemical manufacturing Co., Ltd. established in 1983, is a key member company of the renowned Connect Group Limited headquartered in Germany. The Company sells and distributes organics, pharmaceutical, intermediate and fine chemical products manufactured with the core technology support from our Germany headquarter. To ensure normal production, the company introduced the JWM patrol management system.
The JWM guard tour system can record the time when patrol employees read the checkpoint tags. After the patrol, the data will be upload to the software, and organize the patrol report automatically.
The manager can set the patrol plan in the JWM patrol management software, patrol employees should patrol as the plan. If they missed the patrol, it will be marked on the patrol report.
The company chooses WM-5000X1, which has a fingerprint function. Patrol employees must patrol by themselves. Because before reading checkpoint tags, they need to authenticate fingerprints.

Project Introduction:

The manager set the patrol route according to the actual situation of the factory. Then, he installed checkpoint tags on the route. And then, the manager can set the patrol. After that, he can input patrol employees’ fingerprints into the JWM patrol management software.
Patrol employees should hold the WM-5000X1 to patrol. But before reading the checkpoint tags, he should verify his fingerprint. After the patrol, the data will be upload to the JWM security patrol system. Then, the system will automatically organize the patrol report.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the problem of the manager cannot know whether patrol employees patrolled on time.
2. Solve the problem of patrol employees missed patrol during the night shift.
3. Solve the problem of the patrol employee finds someone to patrol on their behalf, causing hidden dangers.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000X1

  • 200 groups of fingerprints
  • 200 groups of alarm clock
  • 900 task prompts
  • Voice prompt
  • Software is free

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