Baima Lake Hotel

From Then on, No More Missed Patrols

Location: Baima Lake Resort Hotel

Baima Lake Hotel

Project Necessity:

1. Due to many buildings in the hotel, patrol employees often miss some areas.
2. The fire control facilities of the hotel are often aging or out of date, so there are great safety hazards in the face of fire.
3. The hotel management cannot be informed of the security guard’s patrol situation when going out.


Baima Lake Resort Hotel is located in Hongze District. The hotel is distributed in the pattern of single villas, with 142 existing rooms and 200 total beds. To ensure the safety of customers and hotels, they introduced the JWM guard tour system.
This hotel has many buildings, nobody knows whether these areas had been patrolled. But after the introduction of the patrol system, the data will be uploaded to JWM cloud software, so that managers can see the patrols directly.
Managers cannot know about patrol situations if they are going out. But through the cloud software, they can look up patrol reports on their phone, and can many people read online at the same time.

Baima Lake Resort Hotel

Project Introduction:

First of all, the manager installs the checkpoint tags in the buildings. Then, through the JWM cloud software, setting the checkpoint tags’ name, and inputting the patrol employees and time to patrol, the software will automatically draw into a patrol plan, patrol path map.
Second, the employees take WM-5000V5 to do their job, the patrol reader will store data records automatically.
Then, the patrol employees upload the data to the JWM cloud software, and the system automatically organizes the data into a patrol report for the manager to see. Managers can read the report through the phone or a laptop computer, they don’t need to stay at the office.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the situation of the wrong patrol and missed patrol by security personnel, avoid the safety hidden danger caused by the work, not in place;
2. Ensure that the fire facilities at all locations of the hotel can be kept available at any time, so as to provide an additional layer of security;
3. The cloud software allows managers to view reports through mobile phones, but also to ensure that many people online at the same time.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V5

  • Store up to 60,000 records
  • 1 month using with 500 RFID tags read each day
  • RFID 125KHz Reading, 3-5 cm
  • IP67
  • Software is free
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