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A More Efficient Patrol Mode: Real-time Guard Tour System

Location: Golden Shield Property Management Co., Ltd

Golden Shield Property Management

Project Necessity:

Managers have no way of knowing if patrol employees are patrolling the designated area. It’s hard to do a scientific assessment.
When security guards find problems during patrol that they cannot solve on their own, they cannot contact the management center.
General electronic patrol more in the management is not within the scope of work, it is unable to receive patrol reports.


Golden Shield Property Management Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in property management, parking services, conference services, exhibition services, they maintain the owners of property safety. So, they introduced the JWM guard tour system.
Sometimes the security guards will not patrol or miss patrol. But with the introduction of WM-5000L4D, everyone needs to work on time to get the data, and managers can judge the security based on the data.
Security guards sometimes encounter something they cannot solve, need to report, through the patrol machine can be directly linked to the control center, enhance efficiency.
Through the JWM cloud platform, managers can always check the patrol reports, do not need to be in the office of the computer to view.

Project Introduction:

First, the management staffs to install inspection points, log on to the cloud platform, and set the name of inspection points. Set up the patrol plan according to the actual situation.
Then, the patrol readers were assigned to the security guard. The patrol employee arrives at the designated checkpoint with the WM-5000L4D and senses the patrol point with the patrol reader. It will automatically record the name of the place and the time of arrival, and real-time upload to the cloud platform, managers through computers, mobile phones, and means to view real-time security guard detailed patrol data.

Solve Problems:

1. The management cannot know whether the security employees patrol on time;
2. To solve the patrol employees encountered unexpected problems cannot contact the management center on time;
3. The situation that the manager cannot accept the patrol report if he is not in the scope of work has been solved.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000L4D

  • Real-time transmission
  • 200 sets of alarm clocks
  • Call 5 phone numbers
  • Charging within 2 hours
  • IP67
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