Sany heavy industry

Sany Factory: Get Rid of the Traditional Patrol Mode

Location: Shenyang Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Sany heavy industry

Project Necessity:

The staff work in the factory is not standard, and the manager does not check-in time.
The patrol employees cannot be effectively assessed. Whether the employees do their job or not is unclear.
Patrol employees need to take patrol machines and flashlights for inspection at night. It is a trouble to patrol with too much equipment.


The northeast branch of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Shenyang, Liaoning province. To avoid these problems, and strengthen the supervision of the staff in all departments, they introduced the JWM guard tour system to ensure security patrol on time and improve management efficiency.
The factory used to patrol with paper check-in, it’s easy to fraud. The checkpoint tags are very solid, employees can not take them off, so they must go to the places where the checkpoint tags are. This can ensure that all employees were working on time.
The factory is very dark at night, in order to make sure that the machinery is normal, employees need to take a flashlight and patrol reader, increase the difficulty of work. But WM-5000V4S has the flashlight function, the staff only needs to carry one thing.

sany factory

Project Introduction:

First of all, the manager selects an important place to install checkpoint tags. Then through the JWM patrol management system, setting the checkpoint tags’ name, and inputting the patrol employees and time to patrol, the software will automatically draw into a patrol plan, patrol path map.
Second, the employees take WM-5000V4S to do their job, the patrol reader will store data records automatically.
After the patrol, the inspector uploads the data to the JWM software, and the system automatically organizes the data into a patrol report for the manager to see.

Solve Problems:

1. Manager can know whether the patrol employees follow the patrol routes or not;
2. It is impossible to know whether the inspectors are patrolling in accordance with regulations;
3. Too much equipment is inconvenient for night patrol inspectors.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V4S

  • Flashlight
  • IP67
  • Magnetic suction interface
  • Store up to 60,000 records
  • RFID 125KHz Reading, 3-5 cm
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