Louzishan Forestry

Protect Forests and Wild Animals, Reduce Damage to Nature

Location: Chaoyang Louzishan Forestry Reserve

Project Necessity:

Patrol employees always make mistakes and missed patrol. They can’t monitor illegal activities such as felling trees and hunting.
There are many trees in the protected area, which can easily cause fire and other hidden dangers.
The forest area is large, and the patrol employees are not accurate when patrolling key locations.


Louzishan is the intersection of the North China Zoological Geographic Region and the Mongolian-Xinjiang Zoological Geographic Region. There are many monuments in different historical periods in the scenic area. In order to better protect these historical sites and wild animals, the scenic spot introduces the JWM guard tour system and use WM-5000P4D for patrols.
With WM-5000P4D, patrol employees need to patrol on time according to the patrol plan set by the administrator, otherwise, the missing patrols will be displayed in the software.
Managers can set GPS checkpoint tags according to the key areas of hidden dangers in forest areas, and patrol employees can patrol according to the points.
WM-5000P4D has a GPS positioning function, so there is no need to install checkpoint tags on trees.

Solve Problems:

Set checkpoints in areas with a high incidence of illegal tree felling and hunting to improve surveillance effects;
Reduce the damage to trees through GPS.
Upload data in real-time to prevent managers from failing to understand the patrol situation in time.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000P4D
●Real-time transmission
●5 phone numbers for voice calls
●Alarm function
●Task prompt
●Software is free

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