Holiday Inn Express

Wepatrol: An Easier Way to Patrol

Project Necessity:

The hotel’s patrol was unscientific, managers cannot manage and employees are serious in favoritism.
Patrol employees neglect their duties and leave their posts without authorization, and patrols cannot detect hidden dangers in time.
There is no one to check the back kitchen of the hotel at night, and it is easy to forget to close the valve, causing great danger.


Holiday Inn Express is located next to the railway station and is strategically located near Shenyang Zhaoling, Shenyang Imperial Palace. In order to create a safe and comfortable rest environment, Holiday Inn Express has introduced JWM’s mobile phone inspection system: Wepatrol. The management department uses the JWM guard security system and combines the characteristics of its own inspection regulations to set a patrol plan.
The manager installed the QR code as a checkpoint tag, only when patrol employees scan the QR code, Wepatrol will record the patrol time. This will prevent cheating.
After the manager sets the patrol plan, the patrol employees must patrol according to the plan. If the time out, it will be noted in the inspection report. This ensures the quality of patrols.
The manager installs a QR code in the back kitchen to ensure that patrolling employees can patrol normally.

Project Introduction:

The hotel manager installs QR codes in fire-prone areas, fire passages, and key safety hazards in the hotel as checkpoint tags. And set the patrol time for patrol employee, and set the patrol plan. After the security arrives at the designated location, scan the QR code with Wepatrol, it will automatically record the location name, arrival time, and patrol employees. And send the data to the JWM patrol management system.
The system automatically organizes the data into patrol reports, and mobile phones with Cloud patrol+ can receive the report.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the problem that hotel patrols were unscientific before and there was always cheating by patrol personnel.
2. Solved the problem of patrolling employees neglecting their duties, leaving their posts without authorization, and failing to discover hidden dangers in time during patrols.
3. Solved the problem that no one checks the valve at night in the back kitchen of the hotel, causing safety hazards.

Product Introduction:

Model: Wepatrol

  • Task prompt
  • Equipment replacement
  • NFC, QR-Code, Bluetooth, and GPS reading mode
  • Media patrol data
  • Both for IOS and Android
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