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Voice Call Patrol Reader with Timely Feedback

Location:Nanjing Agricultural University

Nanjing Agricultural University

Project Necessity:

Patrol employees cannot carry mobile phones during patrols, and cannot contact the management center in time if problems are found.
Patrol employees are negligent in their duties, and managers are unable to perform effective supervision and assessment.
Traditional paper patrol reports are troublesome, difficult to save, difficult to read, and time-consuming.


In order to further enhance campus safety and improve security patrol management, Nanjing Agricultural University has introduced the JWM guard tour system. It is hoped that this can improve the quality of campus environmental sanitation and cleaning, ensure the normal use of campus infrastructure, and create a clean and safe campus environment for teachers, students, and staff.
The WM-5000L4D real-time patrol reader has voice calls and real-time transmission functions, allowing the security guard to contact the management center in time during the patrol.
Install checkpoint tags at various locations on the campus in the building, and make patrol plans through the guard tour system to ensure that security guards patrol on time.
The JWM guard tour system can automatically organize the data uploaded in the patrol reader into a patrol report, which is convenient for managers to view.

Nanjing Agricultural University

Project Introduction:

First, install checkpoint tags in each location of the campus, and set the name through the guard tour system. Set the patrol plan according to the needs of the period of the patrol.
When the patrol employees patrol, they just need hand WM-5000L4D reader, according to the patrol plan on time to all locations can read the checkpoint tags, and deal with problems on time.
After the patrol, the employee uploads the data to the JWM cloud software, and the system organizes the data into a patrol report for the manager to see.

Solve Problems:

Security personnel can contact the management center for the first time through the patrol machine and deal with it in time.
Security personnel must read the checkpoint tags in the buildings in accordance with the patrol plan, and the system records the location and time of the card reading.
The administrator can check the patrol situation of the security personnel in the system at any time. The data is simple, clear and easy to understand.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000L4D

  • Alarm function
  • Voice call
  • Real-time transmission
  • Task prompt
  • Cloud software is free
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