Centralized Management of Data to Make the Patrol Report Clearer

LocationChina Central Television


Project Necessity:

Patrol employees do not work seriously, often appear the wrong patrol, or even missed patrol.
The TV station is not suitable for the installation of checkpoint tags, ordinary patrol reader cannot play an assessment role.
The management data of each department is difficult to collect, and the patrol data is not easy to find. This causes a lot of unnecessary trouble for management.


CCTV is important news and public opinion organization in China. It has many functions, such as news dissemination, social education, cultural entertainment, and information service. JWM guard tour system, through scientific safety management means, can effectively reduce the security risks of television stations, prevent the occurrence of all kinds of accidents, not only provides a safe broadcasting environment for television stations but also plays an important role in ensuring the quality of television broadcast.
Since it is not suitable to install patrol points outside the TV station, the GPS patrol point mode of WM-5000P4D reader can not only not damage the environment, but also ensure the patrol.
JWM guard tour system can set different patrol plan, multiple departments can be hierarchical management, convenient for managers to inspect the patrol report.

CCTV building

Project Introduction:

WM-5000P4D is used to set GPS checkpoint tags for TV station complex building, broadcasting, and control area, production and broadcasting area, studio, comprehensive business area, administrative management area, asset management center, media park, south and north square of main building and fire protection facilities.
With the cooperation of the JWM guard tour system and WM-5000P4D, GPS checkpoint tags are set in each area of the TV station.
Managers set different patrol plans according to different departments and finally check them centrally through software, so as to facilitate the unified management of manages.

Solve Problems:

1. Solved the situation that patrol employees were negligent in their duties, inactive in their work and could not find hidden dangers in time;
2. It solves the problem that the traditional patrol reader has a single patrol mode and cannot adapt to a variety of inspection environments;
3. Solved the problem that data collection of various departments was troublesome and difficult to supervise.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000P4D

  • GPS mode
  • Voice call
  • Real-time transmission
  • Task prompt
  • Cloud software is free
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