JWM Strengthens Community Security

Project Necessity:

The manager cannot know whether patrol employees were patrol as the plan, whether they missed patrol.
There were always patrol employees who found someone else to instead them to patrol. Some of them even refuse the patrol.
The company used traditional patrols in the past. But it was easy to fake, and recordings were difficult to save.


Shenzhen Hongrongyuan Property Service Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and is a subsidiary of Hongrongyuan Group. After steady development in recent years, it has become a property management enterprise with a good service image. To better patrol in the community, the company has equipped patrol employees with the JWM security patrol system.
The manager installed checkpoint tags in the community. Patrol employees must patrol as the plan, and during the patrol, they should look around.
The manager chose the WM-5000X1, which can verify patrol employees’ fingerprints. When they were patrolling, their fingerprint would be confirmed by WM-5000X1, otherwise, checkpoint tags won’t be read.
The JWM guard tour system will automatically organize the patrol data. The manager can read the report through the computer or the mobile phone.

Project Introduction:

The manager set the patrol route according to the actual situation of the community. Then, he installed checkpoint tags on the route. When he selected patrol employees, he can input fingerprints to WM-5000X1, and read checkpoint tags. Then, set the patrol plan through the JWM patrol management software.
Patrol employees should hold the patrol reader to patrol. But before reading the checkpoint tags, he should verify his fingerprint. After the patrol, the data will be upload to the JWM guard patrol system. Then, the system will automatically organize the patrol report.

Solve Problems:

1. Solve the problem that the manager cannot know whether patrol employees were patrolled as the plan.
2. Solve the problem that patrol employees find someone else to replace them on patrol.
3. Solve the problem that patrol reports were difficult to be saved.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000X1

  • 200 groups of fingerprints
  • 200 groups of alarm clock
  • 900 task prompts
  • Voice prompt
  • Software is free
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