How to Ensure Safety When Distributing the COVID-19 Vaccine?

2021 has come now, vaccines for COVID-19 have been successfully developed. And vaccines are also being actively distributed around the world. There is a sequence of inoculation and distribution of vaccines. Each state, tribe, and territory develop its own plan for deciding which groups of people will be vaccinated first and following groups. But in the process, there are always people who want to break the rules. So, how should safety be ensured when vaccines are distributed?

The most reasonable way is to use three-ring security. Security is not driven by a single system, product or process. It often contains multiple systems or products.

The Outer Ring: perimeter protection.

This usually refers to the protection or monitoring of the outside of the building.
The most effective way is to install CCTV. When a thief wants to sneak into a building, it may be spotted by CCTV and the security guard will be notified. Or install a movement detection system around the fence, which is more effective than CCTV, but only suitable for open areas. If there are always pedestrians around the building, installing a motion detection system is not a wise choice.
Stopping someone around the building is to prevent thieves from entering the middle ring.

The Middle Ring: actual space.

This ring is the building where the vaccine is located.
In buildings, the most suitable security system is the guard tour system. The patrol can detect suspicious persons in time, and can also rush to the scene in time to respond to the incident in case of an emergency. Traditional sign-in patrols cannot guarantee that patrolling employees will patrol on time. But using the JWM guard patrol system, leaders can check the patrol time through the computer to ensure vaccine safety.

The Inner Ring: the room where the vaccine is.

If the thief cunningly avoided the first two rings, then this is the last line of defense to stop the thief.
In this area, the most effective way is to lock. Put the vaccine in the cabinet and install the Vanma passive electronic lock. This kind of lock can record unlocking time and employees. If there is a thief inside the employee, he can easily steal the vaccine. But through records, the leader can know who finally opened the lock and hold it accountable. If it is a foreigner, Vanma smart lock is difficult to be destroyed, they will only return empty-handed.

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