Yesterday, the security guard must carry a paper formbook, and stop at every checkpoint to mark on the form book to accomplish his work. Also, he must write down any incident within patrolling range, then describes the difficulties he may suggest improving the safety of the region. If all guard follows the same procedure, a ton of paper would be used and different notebooks should be examined by the administrator, so it will add up the extra workload and will consume lots of time.


At present, Guard tour systems provide a means to check and record the time that a guard executes his guard tour by scanning specific checkpoints assigned to the area he patrols. JWM Intelligent Guard Tour Management System is an advanced, flexible guard management software that can be used to schedule security officers at regulated locations. Guard Tour System is the automated system to help security companies – organize, log and execute guard tours and patrols for their properties.


It proves beneficial to the patrolling guards and improves their efficiency as well. Moreover, the system keeps a detailed trail of your guards’ tours and checkpoints. And several benefits that it offers, the top 3 advantages of JWM guard tour systems are discussed below.

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What Can Guard Tour System Do?

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No company or organization could survive today without gathering, analyzing data and utilizing it to afford solutions and manage workflow. Now, JWM provides a better solution for you. While JWM device routinely collects checkpoints, guards, and GPS information during patrolling. So the security guard’s daily life is deluged by data and numbers, and then the management center needs data and information to evaluate processes, take decisions, visualize problems and suggest solutions.


JWM intelligent guard tour patrol management systems record time and checkpoint when guards reach each area, working with the scanning action required by the guards. This means that guards do not need to access checkpoints, so no line of sight is required and checkpoints can be hidden or relocated for greater accountability.

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JWM intelligent guard tour patrol management systems provide the most humanized method to gather, analyze a large amount of important information about the patrolling areas, and the guard tours executed within them. And data can be exported to pdf and excel, and it can be used for further process and analysis which can help companies and organizations to know deeply about their daily operations, and then find a way to reduce your budget.

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Which Industries need a Guard Tour System?

JWM intelligent guard tour system will help the company timely and accurately supervise security guard, and manage property more effectively, upgrade the level of safety services. So, many different industries can take advantage of intelligent guard tour patrol management system:

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