Vanma Euro Cylinder Smart Lock


  • Unlock Controllability and Flexible
  • Responsibility for Traceability
  • Water Resistant IP65
  • Uncopiable
  • Unable to Technically Open
  • No More Bundles of Keys
  • Customized Access Privileges
  • Record Unlock Information
  • No Power Needed
  • Easy to Install Without Wiring
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What is Passive Electronic Lock System?

It is an innovative system that updates current mechanical lock systems.

The passive electronic lock system consists of three parts: electronic lock, smart key, and management software. The electronic locks without batteries or wiring, powered and unlocked through contact with the smart key. By customizing the access permissions for each user, and setting where and when each user can access. Any unlocking is controllable. Makes it easy for responsibility traced back to the individual.

Comparison with Traditional Mechanical Locks

Mechanical lock:

  1. Difficulty in key management and low unlocking efficiency
  2. The unlocking has no record
  3. The key is easy to copy
  4. The key is lost, in order to ensure safety, you need to change the lock
  5. Mechanical locks do not know who has the spare key and lack unlocking control

Passive electronic lock system:

  1. One key unlocks all locks
  2. Record the unlocking information, who unlocked the lock, when and where, and the responsibility is traced to the individual
  3. Electronic key encryption to verify the use of electronic technology, so the key cannot be copied
  4. Blacklist function, cancel its unlocking authority directly in the management software
  5. Unlock permission control, customize each user’s access permission, and specify the unlocking time limit

Technical Specifications

Lock body material SUS304 stainless steel
Surface treatment brushed stainless steel
Static electricity protection 15KV non-contact static electricity/8KV contact static electricity
Overvoltage protection 5.5V
Unlock records 68 pieces
Operating environment temperature (-40℃ to 70℃) humidity (20% to 97%)
Service life 10 years
Protection level IP65

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