Remote Communication Station


●Wireless transmission
●WIFI, RJ45 cable and 3G communication modes to choose one
●Support Battery or power supply
●Voice prompt
●Software is free

The cloud software is free now.
cloud software

Diversification report

It gives a clear view of the patrol situation.

Voice prompt

Each step of the device will have a corresponding voice prompt. You can choose whether to turn it on or off in the software.

Operator management

Managers can assign different permissions to different roles, including operator and master.

Early and late

Patrol employees who are earlier or later than planned will also be deemed to be on time and it will be shown in the patrol report.


Make basic patrol readers work easier

Work with basic patrol reader

Basic patrol reader doesn’t need to connect the computer for data communication, the operation is simpler. It automatically deletes data after successful uploading, making it smarter.

Real-time working attendance management

It can read the guard ID and realize the function of checking attendance.

H2 consist of

Consist of

1 × Remote communicating station (It can also be used as a patrol reader) 1 × Charger

Technical information:

Reading distance 125khz: ≥2cm
Storage capacity 100,000 records
Operating temperature -40℃~+85℃
Size 167mm×96mm×49mm
Weight 183g
Communication USB+WIFI; USB+RJ45; USB+3G.
Choose one of the three modes.
Battery capacity 2000mAh.
Read 500 records a day, and upload data, can be used for 3 days.
IP Rating IP67
Prompt LCD display + voice, double prompt.
Certificate CE ROSH FCC


Alarm clock Up to 200 sets.
Voice prompt Each step of the device will have a corresponding voice prompt.
Power supply Battery or power supply
Communication USB+WIFI, USB+RJ45 or USB+3G, choose one of the three modes.

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