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JWM Makes Night Guards Patrol More Seriously

Project Necessity:

Night shift patrol employees are not efficient. They will miss many important places, such as emergency exits. This will lead to the hidden dangers of hospital safety.
Hospitals need to regularly inspect safety facilities such as firefighting equipment. But inspectors always miss these places.
The hospital has a large flow of people, causing equipment damage. But the patrol employees could not find out in time. When a serious situation occurs, it can even threaten the lives of patients and harm the reputation of the hospital.

Project Introduction:

Patrol employees use WM-5000V8 to patrol. This is also an important measure of hospital safety management. The administrator sets the patrol plan and designates patrol employees through the JWM guard tour system. Through the patrol plan formulated by the system, patrol employees go to each location to read the checkpoint tag on time. When a problem is found, they should report to the superior in time. After the patrol, the patrol employee uploads the data in WM-5000V8 to the JWM guard tour system, and the system automatically organizes a patrol report for the manager to view.

Solve Problems:

1.Solved the situation that night-shift security did not patrol seriously that always miss patrols;
2.Solve the situation that patrol employees often forget to check fire equipment regularly;
3. Solve the situation that hospital equipment is often damaged and cannot be found in time.

Product Introduction:

Model: WM-5000V8

  • Long-range and short-range reading mode
  • Screen for reader ID, records, time, temperature, and compass
  • Flashlight
  • Store up to 60,000 records
  • Software is free
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