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Introduction to Video Doorbell

The video doorbell is an emerging product, but it is more and more popular. Because compared with traditional security cameras, it has more functions.

What is a video doorbell?

A video doorbell can also call a doorbell camera or smart doorbell. They usually consist of a video doorbell, APP, and Chime. The video doorbell and APP transmit data through WIFI. Each doorbell comes with one chime, but in fact, one doorbell can be equipped with multiple chimes. In other words, you can purchase chime separately and install it in each room of your home. The installation method is really easy, just plug it into the socket. Some may need to be paired, but you can operate according to the manual. And you can choose different songs according to your own preferences as a ringtone.

When a visitor presses the doorbell or the camera detects action or person, the user will get notified via the app. The user can then have a conversation with the visitor as if they were face to face.

Basically, video doorbells are electronic devices that let users greet their visitors from anywhere in the world through the device’s respective app.

Wireless smart video doorbell

Video doorbell, Battery, and Chime

How does the video doorbell work?

The video doorbell is equivalent to an upgraded security camera. In other words, their working mode is basically the same. Whether it is day or night, the video doorbell can work normally. It captures video through infrared LED sensors or spotlights and captures audio through speakers and microphones.

2 ways to store video:

  1. Micro-SD
  2. Cloud storage.

3 ways to wake up the doorbell (record video):

  1. Ring the doorbell
  2. PIR detection
  3. Wake up by mobile APP

Benefits of the video doorbell

  1. Anti-theft.
    You cannot stay at home all day to prevent theft. You have your own work to do, there are errands to run, and you have to take your children to and from school. At this time, the video doorbell will be dispatched. Even if you are not at home, you will be at home. Because you can talk to visitors through the video doorbell.
  1. Convenient
    His visual function and two-way intercom greatly facilitate our lives. In the past, when we heard the doorbell, we ran downstairs anxiously to confirm the identity of the visitor. After opening the door, he found that he was just a salesman knocking on the door to door. But with the video doorbell, you can confirm the identity of the visitor through your mobile phone, without having to open the door for insignificant people.
  1. Prevent the theft of packages
    The video doorbell will record the appearance of the thief. Even when the courier delivers the courier, you can directly tell the courier where to hide the package through the doorbell.
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