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How to Prevent the Apple Fire from Happening Again?

2020 will be a tough year for everyone. Not only has there been an outbreak of Covid-19, but there has also been an Apple Fire, which has forced thousands of people away from their homes.
California’s Apple fire was sparked by malfunctioning diesel vehicles.
“Diesel vehicles shoot out that black soot. When that is shooting out, it does form some small particles. And as those are emitted through the exhaust, they are extremely hot, so when they land on any type of dry fuel, it will ignite. In this case, that’s what (investigators) found,” Herrera said.

apple fire

So how do we prevent this from happening again? The best way: patrol.
When we make regular patrols, we will find the fire in time and stop it from spreading. We can even detect the faulty vehicles in time and help them to prevent them from discharging small particles. This can prevent fires from starting at the source.

In the forest, the best patrol method is the use of GPS patrol. This will neither damage the trees nor need to install other signs. So, the cost can be saved. JWM provided a high-security guard tour solution: GPS Real-time Guard Tour System, WM-5000P4D.


1. Real-time Data Transmission. It will upload patrol data to the management center in real-time and will be shown on the map. And in the event of an accident can be located on time, reduce the spread of fire.
2. Voice Call. The manager can set 5 phone numbers in the software. And the patrol reader cannot call anyone who has unexpected contact. This ensures that the staff can contact the management center in time to report the situation of the forest, but also ensures that the staff will not use it in private.
voice call
3. Voice Task Prompt. The software can preset task hints for the necessary checkpoints. This will alert employees to check nearby vehicles or other safety hazards.

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